Is it time to take your child to the dentist?

Is it time to take your child to the dentist?

At LARA dental, we recognise the needs of our smaller patients and ensure they have a positive experience when they visit our practice.

The whole team at LARA dental is dedicated to providing a relaxing and stress-free experience for you and your child.  Together we can ensure your child has the healthiest dental start possible.

When should I bring my child to the dentist?

We recommend you bring your child in for their first dental visit around two to three years of age, or sooner if you have any concerns about the development of their teeth and gums. Baby teeth are very important to the future development of your child’s mouth and have an impact on the development of their adult teeth, which is why it is vital to maintaining the health and strength of the baby teeth.

We try to make children’s visits as friendly and fun as possible. Our experienced dental professionals will encourage your child to be interactive by showing them the dental instruments and letting them know exactly what they will be looking at during their dental visit.

Having a healthy smile involves a lifelong commitment and your child will need your support to ensure they establish good habits early on. In our practice, we are committed to giving them the skills they need, but they will still need your help at home. Until around the age of seven, children don’t have the motor skills to reach all their teeth or to brush them effectively. This means they depend on their parents and with the help of LARA dental, together we can make their oral hygiene routine more effective.

Tooth decay in children

Did you know it’s actually possible for decay in baby teeth to compromise the adult teeth forming underneath? The importance of baby teeth is often overlooked, but they lay the foundation for your child’s future dental health. Oral health is also intrinsic to your overall well-being, which is why it’s so vital that parents are aware of symptoms and risk factors of tooth decay and gum diseases. Our team will work with you to ensure that you and your child are equipped with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthy smile.

Prevention ensures long-term wellbeing

Prevention is the key to oral health and we recommend that both you and your children come in for a dental check-up every six months. Check-ups are extremely important throughout childhood as children are more prone to decay and we can only detect this early on if we are seeing your child regularly. By regularly visiting the dentist, we can also assess your child’s dental development and the potential need for interceptive treatment.